Biking from Carlsbad to Prague

The grandeur of baroque spa´s leading to Prague

There is an area in the Western part of the Czech Republic that is famous for all its hot water and mineral springs. It has been known for hundreds of years and after the Middle Ages spa towns sprung up all around the different springs. On this tour you will cycle through the slightly hilly landscape towards famous spas in this area. On your way you will encounter old castles, small charming towns, and astonishing nature. In the spa towns you are able to fill up your water bottle with the mineral water, and can enjoy it on the colonnades and in the parks of the cities.

You will cycle most of the time on rural roads, and follow the designated bicycle path 6 - the so called Egerradweg. You will cover up to 50-65 km a day on slightly hilly terrain - perfectly for an e-bike, or on flat terrain near the river Ohre or Berounka.

The trip can also be made without luggage transport: Discount € 125,- per booking!

Day-by-day schedule


Day 1: Frantiskovy Lazne

Individual journey to Frantiskovy Lazne by train or car, where you will be greeted and informed by a collegue of us in your hotel. If you´ve rented bicycles, they will be hand over.


Day 2: Frantiskovy Lazne – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) (57 km/36 miles)

You will get familiar with the North Bohemian Landscape after leaving Frantiskovy Lazne, cycling through a slightly hilly landscape, with vast amounts of fields and forests, alongside the meandering stream Ohre towards Karlovy Vary. You will enjoy the Czech culture in Kynsperk nad Ohri, with its marketplace including the historic city hall and the old city gate, granting access to the old Jewish part of town. You will continue to follow the stream Ohre till you reach Karlovy Vary, the most impressive Spa during your trip. Last century all aristocracy from Europa met each other in this famous Spa. Noblesse oblige. And try the beverage Becherovka (strong alcohol content!), it´s made here.


Day 3: Carlsbad - Kadan (50 km/32 miles)

You will keep following a beautiful track alongside the river Ohre, through a little spa town named Kyselka. This town has the most famous mineral spring of the whole country. After visiting this little town you will cycle towards an ancient town located in the foothills of the Jizerske mountains, on the banks of the Ohre river, Kadan.


Day 4: Kadan - Zatec (38 km/24 miles)

You will arrive in Zatec after cycling through a lot of small Bohemian towns. You have a change to see the wonderful baroque castle Krasny Dvur, with its impressive English Park, where well known German writer J.W. Goethe spent a lot of his time in summer. Feel free to take a walk in the large garden. After visiting the castle you will continue the journey to Zatec, centre of the Bohemian hop growing area. This is the place where the yearly hop-festival takes place. The beer, naturally, tastes excellent in Zatec.


Day 5: Zatec - Rakovnik (40 km/25 miles)

After cycling through a lot of small villages, a national park, and the village of Nesuchyne, where you will see a lot of examples of the farmers barock architecture, before arriving in the final destination, Rakovnik. Rakovnik is a small scenic, gothic town which was founded in the 13th century. The local beer brewery is over 550 years old, and worth a visit!


Day 6: Rakovnik - Beroun (31 or 46 km/20 or 29 miles)

A wonderfull cycle path through the nature reserve Krivoklatso, consisting of vast king owned forests (in earlier days), which was takes into the UNESCO program of protection of world heritages. You will reach the kings castle 'Krivoklat' in the middle of the tour, one of the oldest still existing fortifications in Bohemia, which sits on a prominent headland surrounded by dense forest. You will continue your journey towards Roztoky, where you can catch a train to Zloukovice or Nizbor (to avoid a steep hill side). Once in Nizbor (which also has a castle), you will keep following the river Berounka till Beroun. Beroun is a little, originally royal town, which was founded in the 1200's, with parts of the town still in original Gothic condition.


Day 7: Beroun – Prague (44 km/28 miles)

Cycling alongside the river Berounka, you will reach the gothic castle Karlstejn, founded in 1348 and still stands on an exceptional spot in the Bohemian Forests. It was built by the Bohemian king, and Roman emperor Karl IV. Mainly to store their collection of royal and holy possessions. After the castle, keep following the river Berounka towards Prague, where you will reach you final hotel downtown Prague at the left side of the river Moldau.

You will feel tempted to stay and have a look at every building, street, and corner in Prague. Prague has been called the nicest city on the planet, and has the nicknames "Golden Prague", "Crown of the World" and "Dream made out of stone" for a reason. A wonderful end of a week full of cycling and visiting exiting places.


Day 8: End of the journey

Your cycle-trip ends after breakfast. You can choose to take the train back to Frantiskovy Lazne (taking your own bikes in the train is not a problem at all), or take the train back home, or choose to stay another couple of nights in Prague.

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Total length of the tour: 260 km / 162 miles

Price per person
7 nights in three or four star hotels / pensions € 850
Double room, incl. breakfast Included
Luggage transport Included
Detailed maps and gps files (gpx / kml) Included
24-Hour SOS service Included
Route description Included
Trekking bike (21-27 gears) € 110
E-bike (8 gears) € 220
Single room € 1095
Surcharge solo traveller € 225
triple room / family room (4 beds) € 830 / 810
Extra night first hotel (single, double, triple, quad) € 95 / 110 / 150 / 180
Extra night last hotel (single, double, triple, quad) € 95 / 130 / 170 / 210
Special transfer back to first hotel (max. 4 Pers. / max. 8 Pers.) € 300 / 300
GPS device € 25

Rented bikes are fully equipped: bags, lights, locks, map holder, incl. service

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