About us

Orfeo Office has been organizing tours in the Czech Republic for more than twenty years. The founder of Orfeo Office fell in love with the Czech Republic when he first travelled there in the communist era. After many years of frequent visiting, the communist government finally fell. This opened up a window of opportunity to realize the dream he always had: To share the beauty and culture of the Czech Republic with as much people as possible. Crossing the border became much less of a hassle, and it also was allowed for foreigners to set up their own business. This led to the founding of Orfeo Office, together with two of his Czech friends.

Over the years the company grew to become what it is today: One of the most experienced travel agencies of the Czech Republic. It kept expanding its reach, and also included hiking, canoeing and cross-country skiing in its program to include more of what the Czech Republic has to offer.

Our experience make us one of the most reliable and efficient travel agencies in the Czech Republic. We work together with partners throughout the country. This results in a very fast response when someone gets trouble with his bicycle, or when experiencing other problems. Over the years we got to know what everyone wants when going on an active holiday in the Czech Republic, resulting in well balanced tours covering important historical sites, beautiful old towns and a pleasant distance traversed each day. The distance covered each day is calculated so that you have enough time and energy left to explore the town you are spending the night in. This set up also gives you the opportunity to visit important historic sites along the route without having to worry whether or not you will make it on time.

Our employees are fluent in Czech, English, German and Dutch. Therefore we can communicate adequately with you, and explain the wishes you might have properly to the hotels, guides and others. To make you feel safe along the route we have an emergency number which you can call any time in case of questions or problems.

All of our tours are self guided to give you the most freedom to explore what interests you most along the way. However, if you wish it is possible to arrange a guide which leads you through the countryside.


Questions? Please leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible