1. Reservation Process, appointment and confirmation

Clicking on the button "check your booking", will result into being redirected to the overview of your booking. Here you have the possibility to review your booking again. Once you've agreed to our terms and agreements, you can click on the button 'Confirm booking'. By confirming the booking you will make a binding request to purchase the journey to the conditions discussed in the terms and agreements. You will see the message "We've received your booking. Thanks for booking with us!". We will send you a conformation email with the booked journey. Your booking will be officially confirmed as soon as you receive the official conformation email and the invoice. This receipt of reservation and the invoice do guarantee availability.


2. Payments

2.1. After agreeing with the general terms and conditions, you have to pay 10% in advance.

2.2. The rest of the payment has to be paid three weeks before the start of your trip.

2.3 You will receive the travel documents when the total payment has been done.

2.4 If you have booked the tour within four weeks of departure you have to pay the whole sum at once.


3. Obligation of Orfeo Office

We are obliged to provide the whole service as offered, on the website, the brochure or the travel documents.


4. Alternations

4.1 Changes in the travel program, or services which are necessary to provide the tour are only implemented when it does not change the overall character of the booked journey. Complaints are allowed if the changes that Orfeo Office has made do not live up to what is described in the travel documents.

4.2 Orfeo Office is obliged to inform clients about performance changes. In some cases Orfeo Office will offer a refund, or a rebooking without charging for the rebooking. 

4.3 If a significant change in an essential travel service takes place, the client is entitled to cancel the trip.


5. Price adjustment

5.1. Orfeo Office has the right to increase the price of the trip, if the exchange rates make the trip more expensive for Orfeo Office.

5.2. An increase in the price of the trip is only allowed if there is a timespan of four months or more between the journey conformation and the start of the trip, and that the increase in costs where unpredictable.

5.3. In the case of subsequent change in the travel price Orfeo Office has to inform the client immediately. Orfeo Office is not allowed to change the price if there are twenty days or less before the start of the trip. If the increase is more than 5% of the travel price the client is allowed to cancel the trip without any cancellation costs.


6. Cancellation by Orfeo Office

6.1 Orfeo Office has the right cancel the trip if it is necessary due to occurrences out of our control, in this case Orfeo Office will offer a full refund to the client.

6.2 Orfeo Office will not refund any booked flights, railway tickets, intermediate nights, et cetera in case of a cancelled trip. We therefore recommend to undertake such bookings only when it is clear that your trip will take place.


7. Cancellation by the customer, cancellation costs

7.1 The client is allowed to cancel the trip before it takes place.

7.2 Orfeo Office can demand a fitting compensation for the costs made.

This will be done via a flat rate, following the travel price-oriented compensation:


8. Responsibility

Orfeo Office operates as a travel agent for hotels, transportation companies and other contractors. As a result, Orfeo is not responsible for loss, damage, injury, force majeure such as: strikes, power failure, road accidents, rebellion, fire, natural disasters and social disasters, and other events beyond Orfeo Office’s control.


9. Compensation and complaints

Clients should complain in writing within thirty days of taking the trip for inadequate performance of Orfeo Office. Executions of the complaints are determined according to the Czech law.


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