Cross-country Bohemian Forest

The highest and coldest part of the Bohemian Forest

The national park, Sumava is an Unesco Biosphere Reserve and is the biggest national reserve in the Czech Republic. Together with the Bavarian forest it is one of the largest forested areas in Europe. It is an excellent winter destination for people who like calmness, nature and relaxed cross country skiing. This area is loved by the Czechs a lot, and it is even possible that you come across an Olympic sportsman training for the games. Kvilda is located in the heart of the Bohemian Forest, and is the highest county in the Czech Republic. There are all kinds of romantic views on your route, and you will ski through old cozy villages where it seems that time stood still since the beginning of the 20th century. Even the source of the famous river Moldau will be yours to see. You will ski between 10-20 km a day and you have the possibility to choose shorter or longer routes. A lot of tracks are on the Šumavská magistrála, the prepared cross-country skiing ways through this wintersport region.

Arrival day: every day. Christmas and Silvester surcharges: ask our office.

It is possible to prolong your stay with a romantic winter night in Prague.

Day-by-day schedule


Day 1: Arrival Zelezna Ruda

During the day you will be expected in Zelezna Ruda. The last travel documents will be handed out at the hotel.


Tag 2: Zelezna Ruda (6/10/15/28 km)

To get your arms and legs a little loose there are 4 different routes, with different lengths. The tours lead you deep into the dense forests around Železná Ruda. A beautiful tour of 15 or 28 km through the Šumava north of Zelezna Ruda. There are not many stops along the way, take a thermos of tea or coffee and something to eat. The short tours stay near the village.


Day 3 : Zelezna Ruda – Kvilda (7/12/17/26/48 km)

You have the possibility to do the whole distance on cross-country skis. It would be a strenuous day, but you can shorten it: You can be transported to Prášily, which means that the distance is not 48 km, but only 26 km, and depending on your mood, condition or weather you can be transported even further, to Rokyta (then it would be 13 km to Kvilda, the first 4 of which are difficult) or you can be transported to Modrava (then it would be 7 or 12 km to Kvilda).


Day 4: Kvilda - Kvilda (9/10/26/31 km)

You can choose from four different tours with different distances to be covered. Depending on the weather conditions you have the choice. On the way you will find the source of the famous river Vltava, which flows through Cesky Krumlov and Budweis to Prague.


Day 5: Kvilda – Churanov (10/16 km)

Today brings you to Churanov, a winter sports resort. You can choose from a distance of 16 or 10 km, whereas the first 5 km of the shorter route are relatively easy.


Day 6: Churanov - Churanov (8/12 km)

There is a tour of 12 and 8 km length respectively. But you could also just run a few race tracks west of Churanov - Zadov.


Day 7: Churanov – Kubova Hut (6/11/19 km)

The last route takes you in a south-easterly direction through the Šumava. It goes through extensive forests and here and there meadows, on the way there is a viewpoint where you can even see the Alps. If the weather or your physical condition would not allow it, you can shorten the route by 8 km or 12 km by taking a transfer to Sindlov or Svajglova Lada and start there. However, the first 7 km of the day are mostly downhill.


Day 8 : End of your active vacation

After breakfast end of the trip. Departure Kubova Huť: Transfer back to the starting hotel you can book in addition.

If you had time, you could extend your trip by a few days Prague (a winter fairy tale!). Just book it!


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Total length of the tour: 140 km / 87 miles

Price per person
7 nights in three or four star hotels / pensions € 890
Double room, incl. breakfast Included
Luggage transport Included
Detailed maps and gps files (gpx / kml) Included
24-Hour SOS service Included
Route description Included
Single room € 1020
Surcharge solo traveller € 135
triple room / family room (4 beds) € 840 / 820
7 x Half board € 180
Extra night first hotel (single, double, triple, quad) € 110 / 140 / 180 / 220
Extra night last hotel (single, double, triple, quad) € 110 / 140 / 180 / 220
Special transfer back to first hotel (max. 4 Pers. / max. 8 Pers.) € 120 / 120
GPS device € 25

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