Hiking the summits in the Giant Mountains

Discovering the legacy of Krakonos

The Krkonose (Giant Mountains) lie in North-East Bohemia and border Germany and Poland. The route takes you to the highest mountain, the Snezka (Snow head) which lies 1602 m above sea level. In 1963 the whole area was declared to be a nature reserve. This together with the infertile soil is the cause for the area to be sparsely populated. There is a myth about a giant, Kraknos, living in these mountains and protecting them from humans trying to harm or pollute the environment. The route is very versatile, and it takes you over hills, along mountain ridges and through forests. On your way you can still get regional food in one of the typical restaurants. You cover 10 – 25 km a day, and most trails are very well marked.

Self-organised luggage transport: price reduction € 100,- per booking.

Day-by-day schedule


Day 1: Arrival to Harrachov

During the day you will be expected at the hotel. Here you will get the final documents for your trip.


Day 2: Harrachov – chairlift Rokytnice – Harrachov

Take the chairlift to the top of Certova Hora. Through the landscape of glassmakers and ski jumps over the ridge and through the valleys of Harrachov and Rokytnice.

Route codes: Route: 14.5 km, difference in altitude: 480 m, time: 4.5 hours.

Or (without chairlift): A pleasant route through the forest, good for hiking. A long but slow ascent and then slowly downhill again. Above have wonderful panoramic views. On the way you will encounter the largest waterfall in the Giant Mountains.

Route codes: Route: 16 km, altitude difference: 560 m, time: 4 hours.


Day 3: Harrachov – ridge hike Spindlerova Bouda – Spindleruv Mlyn

A challenging hike through forest and mountains along the Mumlavsky vodopad waterfall. Most of the route crosses the ridge, where you can see far into the Czech Republic and Poland. On the ridge there are several rock formations with beautiful names such as 'High Wheel'. From Spindlerbaude you take the bus to your hotel in Spindleruv Mlyn.

Route codes: Route: 22 km, altitude difference: 820 m, time: 6 hours.


Day 4: Spindleruv Mlyn – chairlift Medvedin – Labska Bouda – pramen Labe (source Elbe) – Spindleruv Mlyn

A not so difficult tour where you climb up to Medvedin with the chair lift and then walk the easy ridge hike to the source of the Labe (Elbe). The second half of the hike leads through a deep gorge with steep rock faces.

Route codes: Route: 21 km, altitude difference: 520 m, time: 5 hours.


Day 5: Spindleruv Mlyn – Lucni Bouda – Slaski Dom - Pec pod Snezkou

A challenging but very attractive hike, with the first seven km leading uphill via the village of Svaty Petr to the White Meadow. Beautiful panoramic views. With a view to the highest peak of the country (Snezka) you descend through one of the narrowest and most beautiful valleys to Pec pod Snezkou.

Route codes: Route: 17 km, altitude difference: 700 m, time: 6 hours.


Day 6: Pec pod Snezkou - Lesni bouda - bouda Na Lucinach - Vebrova bouda - Javorske boudy - Pec pod Snezkou

For today there is a short not too strenuous route on the program, near Pec pod Snezkou. But there are still beautiful views, as well as plenty of opportunities to stop in the various buildings on the way.

Route codes: Route: 9 km, altitude difference: 330 m, time: 3,5 hours.


Day 7: Pec pod Snezkou – chairlift to Snezka –Horni Mala Upa –Dolni Mala Upa – Pec pod Snezkou

Take the chairlift to the impressive summit of Snezka. A beautiful, not too strenuous ridge hike with views deep into Poland and the Czech Republic. The second part of the route gradually descends through the picturesque valleys of the Upa and Cernavoda streams.

Route codes: Route: 21 km, altitude difference: 850 m, time: 6 hours.


Day 8: End of the journey.

Your journey ends after breakfast. We hope you had an unforgettable week with lots of sunshine and beautiful views. The taxi transfer to your starting hotel in Harrachov is recommended.



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Total length of the tour: 100 km / 62 miles

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7 x Half board € 175
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Special transfer back to first hotel (max. 4 Pers. / max. 8 Pers.) € 120 / 120
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