The Czech Republic is especially suited for biking. The countryside is a serene place, where you can cycle on rural roads with the occasional car passing by. What is definitely characteristic to the Czech Republic is the large sections of closed woodland you will pass along the way, if you’re lucky you will encounter the local wildlife. Be sure to bring your swimming gear because there are many ponds, lakes or rivers in which you can cool of en route. Within the Czech Republic there are regions which are historically specialized in certain crops. For example if you cycle to Melnik, you will go to an old wine region. Cycling in Zatec brings you past the birthplace of the beer, and along many hop fields. Kladruby provided horses for the royalty, and Litomerice provided most of the fruits and vegetables in the Czech Republic, because of the fertile soil along the Elbe’s banks and the higher temperatures of the Bohemian basin. The Czech Republic has been habited continually for more than 2000 years, so there are many ancient sites and old towns to explore. The climate during the summer is enjoyable, the average temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius.

Our tours are designed in such a way so that everyone with a decent stamina can undertake one of our tours. You roughly cover 50km per day without a lot of ascending and descending. The landscape switches between being almost flat in the basins, up to hilly in the midlands. The tour is laid out in such a way that you always cycle past the most interesting historical sites. In the route description there is a dedicated section, which supplies you with information about the site you are visiting. The route description is very detailed, and is accompanied by a map. Your luggage is transported from hotel to hotel, so you can use a fresh set of clothes every day, therefore you cycle very light-weight.

We primarily work with Trek, Batavus and Specialized, we also have E-bikes from LeaderFox. The The batteries last about 80 km, depending on the use. They have 21/24/27 gears, and are equipped with bicycle bags, lights, splash boards and map holders and a repair kit (including pump). Helmets are optional, but we charge nothing extra for them. We offer you a 24 hour SOS-service. If you run into larger difficulties with your bike you call us, and we will try to solve it as fast as possible.



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