Cross-country Giant mountains

Over the Krknose mountains summits

The Krkonoše Mountains are located in the North-Eastern part of Bohemia, two-third in the Czech Republic and one-third in Poland. The Krkonoše area is sparsely populated due to the harsh climate and the infertile soil. Therefore a lot of the nature still is in pristine condition, offering you astonishing sights and a fun terrain to cross-country skiing across. The Krkonoše Mountains thank its name to the Giant Krkonoš living there. Legend tells that the Giant will come to get anyone who tries to harm this area.

The tour takes of slowly, allowing you to get used to the local climate and weather. The route leads you along the most beautiful spots in the whole area. You will have astonishing views over snow covered valleys. You will feel comfortable between the snow covered pine trees, and be happy to come across a bouda (hotel & café/restaurant) in a valley village for a cup of hot chocolate milk. It is the best to visit the area between the end of December and early March, because the Krkonoše is the most likely to be fully covered in snow in this time period. You will be on your cross-country skis around 10-22 km per day, and you often have the possibility to choose between a more- and less difficult route.

And then the adventure can begin: beautiful tours on plateaus, along frozen waterfalls and through narrow valleys. Large elevation differences can be overcome with a ski lift, otherwise all movements are carried out on the trails. The route even crosses the mountain ridge that forms the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. Cross-country skiers often have wide views of the surroundings, but they also travel through forests and across plateaus where the weathered rocks have been transformed into white snow sculptures. The cross-country skiing routes are mostly prepared. The most suitable cross-country skis are those with a scaly profile, and they can be an inch wider than usual.

The tours we have developed for you in this part of the Czech Republic take you from your hotels through a varied landscape of hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, meadows and of course the well-known extensive forests, all of which are under a thick layer of snow. You can relax in the buildings, the mountain huts on the plateaus, where a wood fire welcomes you.

You don't have to be a super sportsman for this hotel tour, but a good physical condition is essential; the day trips are designed so that you can walk in a relaxed way and have the choice of different lengths, all between 5 and 20 km. During this week you will not lack comfort. You will stay in cosy, good and characteristic hotels with comfortably furnished rooms, all with bath/toilet, TV and refrigerator.

The routes are all available as gpx/kml documents and will always give you information on your own smartphone about where you are on the route.

Arrival day: every day. Christmas and Silvester surcharges, ask our office.

We recommend you to top this tour off with a romantic winter night in Prague.

Day-by-day schedule

Daily routes depending on the current weather and snow conditions!


Day 1: Arrival to Vrchlabí

During the day you will be expected at the hotel. Handing over your travel documents.


Day 2: Vrchlabí-Benecko (10 km / 7 miles)

In a nutshell: easy course, well suited for beginners

You start at the hotel. On the way you take the chair lift in Herlikovice to Žalý, so you reach the peak Přední Žalý (1019 m), where you can visit a lookout tower. On the way there are many beautiful views over mountain ridges.


Day 3: Špindlerův Mlýn-Vrchlabí (14 km / 9 miles)

In a nutshell: This route is without big differences in altitude and therefore very suitable as the first route.

Transfer to Špindlerův Mlýn. This is where the route begins. You walk a distance near the city. For participants with endurance the distance is extended, so that they can walk back to the hotel.


Day 4: Janske Lazne – Strážné lom (15 - 22 km / 10 - 15 miles)

In a nutshell: somewhat strenuous stretch.

Transfer to Janské Lázně. Here it goes up with the ski lifts. From the top station you have wonderful views of the Giant Mountains and all sorts of small villages like Maršov and Janské Lázně. On the plateau you will find huts such as Sokolská bouda and Rachotova bouda. It goes along the television tower to the cottage Černá bouda. You will meet Kolínská bouda and many others. At the cottage Na Rozcestí the routes divide.


Day 5: Špindlerův Mlyn – Špindlerův Mlyn (14 - 16 km / 9 - 11 miles )

In a nutshell: This route includes a grade hike. The route is of medium difficulty.

In order to have the most beautiful views and the best snow conditions, the routes on the plateaus are most suitable. This time take the ski lift to Medvědín. Many beautiful panoramas pass your eyes, e.g. the ridges Sedmidolí, Luční hory, Luční bouda and the highest peak, the Sněžka. On the way you will find a good stop in the mountain huts. At the last one, the mountain hotel Labská bouda, the paths divide.


Day 6: Špindlerův Mlyn – Harrachov (18 km / 12 miles)

In a nutshell: quite simple route with a duration of five hours. Many beautiful views of the western part of the Giant Mountains. On foot back to Vrchlabi.

The route starts in Špindlerův Mlýn. You follow the cross-country route to Harrachovy kameny. Harrachovy kameny are characteristic granite rocks on the edge of Velká Kotelní jáma. Shortly before Harrachov you will meet large ski jumps. In Harrachov you will be picked up or walk back to Vrchlabí.


Day 7: Strážné – Pec pod Snezkou (20 km / 14 miles)

In a nutshell: relatively exhausting route with a duration of about 4 to 5 hours across the Giant Mountains. The route is also easy to undertake in unstable or bad weather.

You start near Špindlerův Mlyn. First at the edge of the mountains, then again through forests and over ridges, whereby there are naturally again many far views. The Baude Na rozcestí hut is a great place to stop for a bite to eat. Sometimes you can even see Trosky Castle in the Bohemian Paradise (70 km)! We continue along well-known places in the Giant Mountains. The cottage Výrovka is also worth a visit: there is an exposition describing the former life in the Giant Mountains with photos and postcards. Of course there is a transfer for you back to Vrchlabí.


Day 8: End of this active vacation

After breakfast end of the trip. We hope you had an unforgettable week with lots of snow and sun. If you still had a few days of vacation left: an extension in Prague would be a good idea. You can book directly through us.


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Total length of the tour: 110 km / 68 miles

Price per person
7 nights in three or four star hotels / pensions € 890
Double room, incl. breakfast Included
Luggage transport Included
Detailed maps and gps files (gpx / kml) Included
24-Hour SOS service Included
Route description Included
Single room € 1020
Surcharge solo traveller € 110
triple room / family room (4 beds) € 860 / 840
7 x Half board € 180
Extra night first hotel (single, double, triple, quad) € 105 / 145 / 190 / 235
Extra night last hotel (single, double, triple, quad) € 105 / 145 / 190 / 235
Special transfer back to first hotel (max. 4 Pers. / max. 8 Pers.) € 120 / 120
GPS device € 25

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